Tuesday, February 20

This would be YouTube’s foray into the world of podcasts | Digital Trends Spanish

A few weeks ago, YouTube’s plans were announced to compete in the podcast market, which is gaining more and more followers with platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Now, the Podnews site had access to an 84-page document that Google’s video site sent to the publishers of these media files.

In the text, the Looking Ahead section lets you know what YouTube plans to enter the podcast business. According to the slides that were shown, the platform intends to venture directly into the social media channels of podcasts.


To do this, you could launch a new podcasts home page that will be at youtube.com/podcasts and that is a URL that is not yet live. Everything indicates that this type of programs will be promoted with the traditional square thumbnails.

According to the report, YouTube will also incorporate audio ads, either those sold by Google or those of other sponsors. Revenue may be shared with podcast publishers. The platform will also offer analytics, especially new metrics for those who are creators of audio programs.


Thus, this plan shows part of YouTube’s strategy to compete with other platforms that publish these multimedia files, a format that has grown significantly over the last two years due to the pandemic.


In this sense, Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud are the most relevant, so this market could be shaken by the arrival of a new and important competitor.

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