Monday, May 29

This youtuber has managed to play GTA V on a Game Boy | Digital Trends Spanish

It’s common for classic games to be applied to newer hardware, but getting resource-intensive games to run well on older consoles isn’t that easy.

That is why the youtuber Sebastian Staacks has become a trend by getting to play GTA V on the original GameBoy. On his blog, There Oughta Be, Staacks has documented step by step how he achieved such a feat.

As we can see in the video shared by the youtuber, it had to make a Game Boy cartridge with Wi-Fi connectivity capable of receiving the video signal from a game running on a console or computer. To create this cartridge, the youtuber used an ESP8266 wireless microchip and a printed circuit board (PCB) designed by him.

Thanks to this system, the processing of the game is carried out on the console and not on the Game Boy, since it does not have enough hardware to do so.

After getting the Game Boy’s buttons to be recognized by the broadcast device, Staacks had to verify that the connection between the two was stable in order to play the game from the Game Boy.

While he managed to show us what he looks like GTA V on the original screen of the retro console, the quality is very poor because the frame rate of the 1989 Game Boy is only 20 FPS (in comparison the PS5 reaches 120 FPS).

This isn’t the first feat Staacks has accomplished with a Game Boy. Using a similar technique the youtuber managed to play movies starwars on your Original Game Boy.

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