Friday, September 17

Thousands of French people protest against the Covid certificate and Macron’s “dictatorship”

Correspondent in France



More than two hundred demonstrations against the Covid certificate, in Paris and many regional capitals, gathered between 250,000 and 300,000 protesters, throughout France, throughout Saturday, confirming a flammable social frond against Emmanuel Macron.

In the heat of heat, for the fifth time since mid-July, the demonstrations of protest against the Covid certificate, which must be required in restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas, over the next few weeks, has unearthed protests of a very diverse nature.

There is no “coordinator” of the protests against the Covid certificate. But a part of the dissident far-right of the Le Pen family, a part of the traditional right, and former militants of the ‘yellow vest’ franchise, they denounce the “dictatorship” of the government of Emmanuel Macron.

With the rather general shout of “Freedom, freedom!”, Waving national flags, the demonstrations take place peacefully and end, systematically, with tear gas and low intensity confrontations.

This Saturday, in Paris, three processions gathered several tens of thousands of protesters against the Covid certificate and Emmanuel Macron.

The Patriots movement, lead by Florian Philippot (former number two of Agrupación Nacional, the party of the Le Pen family), opened the fire of the protest, with a “patriotic” procession. The militant collective The Yellow Number (former “yellow vests”), a left-wing populist, began his march by denouncing the “Macronian dictatorship.” A third “independent” and quite multicultural procession manifested itself with populist slogans: “” Let’s free France, “” We have to get rid of Macron, “” Macron, doors. “

In the rest of France, some two hundred demonstrations, medium or small, with thousands and a few tens of thousands of protesters, confirmed the existence of a kind of invertebrate but deep social forest.

For five weeks, the participation figures have continued to grow. The Interior Ministry estimates that 250,000 people were able to demonstrate this weekend. Modest figure in a country of 67 million inhabitants. Various organizers double the participation, evaluated in about 400,000 people, throughout France.

Perhaps more significant than participation is the continuation of an unpredictable, but apparently deep frond, beyond the protest against the Covid certificate.

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