Monday, February 26

Thousands of people claim the fifth anniversary of 1-O in Barcelona

Thousands of protesters (11,000, according to the Guàrdia Urbana) have gathered this Saturday in the center of Barcelona to demand the referendum of October 1, 2017. Five years after that vote, the independentistas have met in an act called by the main sovereigntist entities (ANC, Òmnium, the Consell per la República, among others) to which the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has not attended, although representatives of the ERC and the rest of the secessionist formations have.

Five years after the 1-O referendum, no policeman convicted of the charges

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Dressed in hundreds of esteladas, the protesters have insisted on asking the pro-independence parties for unity after a week of reproaches among the main secessionist formations. “Govern resignation”, has been one of the most repeated chants by the concentrated. They have also defended “the validity” of the “mandate of 1-O” in an act that has kept in mind at all times the Catalan politicians who are still abroad today.

The former president of the Parliament, Carme Forcadell, was the first to intervene and was greeted with whistles by some of the protesters. Forcadell has claimed the plenary sessions of September 6 and 7, 2017 and has asked the pro-independence actors to stop fighting. “Let’s stop complaining, let’s forget the reproaches and let’s start working together”, she snapped Forcadell. “We will not be able to win if we confront each other instead of jointly confronting the State.”

The former president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, is expected to conclude the event with a speech via videoconference from Belgium.