Tuesday, October 19

Thousands of people demonstrate in front of the Las Ventas bullring to demand the end of bullfighting

Thousands of people have demonstrated this Saturday afternoon in the esplanade of the Las Ventas bullring, in Madrid, to demand the prohibition by law of all bullfighting events and festivities in Spain. With this concentration, called by the Animalista Party PACMA, the protesters demand that the Government respond to the social demand that rejects animal abuse and the cruelty of bullfighting.

“It is a historic moment and it fills us with joy and hope to see how the epicenter of bullfighting in Madrid has been filled with a green tide of empathy and animalistic struggle to defend bulls, cows, calves, horses and other tortured animals in Spain under the guise of culture and tradition “, declared the president of the animal training, Laura Duarte.

In his opinion, bullfighting “is mortally wounded.” “It is a dying activity maintained by administrations with public subsidies and citizens are not willing to spend a single euro to harass, stab and cruelly execute animals,” adds Duarte.

PACMA recalls that, according to the latest Yearbook of Cultural Statistics prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, only 8% of the population attended a bullfighting event in 2019, something that, for the organization, is a “clear sign that the bullfighting has no place in a civilized society in the XXI century “.

“It is a violent and sadistic activity that declines under its own weight, but we cannot wait for it to disappear naturally and as long as animals continue to be killed. It is a national and international shame and the Government must be brave and prohibit it by law once and for all “, says the president of PACMA.

The demonstration has filled the esplanade of Las Ventas and its surroundings with thousands of people coming from all over the State, shouting ‘Mission Abolition’ and has advanced along Avenida de los Toreros and Francisco Silvela, Juan Bravo and Conde de Peñalver, to return to the same point on Calle Alcalá.