Tuesday, March 21

Thousands of people gather in front of the PP headquarters: “Married, traitor, Ayuso is the best”

Several thousand people – more than 1,500, according to the Police, and more than 3,000, according to the attendees – have gathered this Sunday on Génova Street in Madrid and its surroundings, at the gates of the national headquarters of the Popular Party, to show their support for the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in the internal war that has split the conservative formation in two, and to request the resignation of the popular party leader, Pablo Casado.

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The concentration was called through social networks last Thursday, after the alleged case of corruption linked to Ayuso’s brother and the alleged espionage launched by Génova 13 to investigate the Madrid leader came to light. Shouts such as “Married traitor, Ayuso is the best” have been heard in it.

“Married, you are a traitor to the people”, a man shouted against the windows of the building that the PP reformed with black money. Meanwhile, thousands of people alternated chants with the name of the president, “Isabel, Isabel”, and “Married resignation”. On a banner the message was clear: “With Ayuso we won and with Casado we screwed up”.

Roció is 23 years old and arrived in Genoa with her mother. Each one waved a large flag of the Community of Madrid “to defend Ayuso against an abuse of power by Casado, that he has realized that he was winning against him. There is no right for someone from his own party to say that he is doing something illegal”, she explained, while encouraging the PP leader to remember that “the one who won the elections was Ayuso, not him”.

Regarding the attempt by the national leadership to close the crisis by assuming the Madrid president’s thesis this Saturday, this young woman considers that “Married has realized that people are with Ayuso. He is screwed, he has tried to back down, but he has to resign”. For Antonio, who has come with his partner, this has been “a false closure” because he “has no more margin.” “Ayuso has explained everything and everything was done in accordance with the law. And if there is something to report, it is before a judge, ”she continues. “The one who has had to resign has been a plumber from Genoa. If there has been no espionage, there has been an attempt, ”she concludes.

“Our president and our president’s assistant have betrayed us,” said Teresa, alluding to Teodoro García Egea. She stands as a spokesperson for her group of friends. They are all over 70 and demonstrate “with their hearts in their hands so that the traitors leave and the normal people stay”. Normal people, they say, are Ayuso, while Casado “seems to want to be Sánchez’s minister.” “We are in disagreement with him and with Egea, not with the PP”, explained María.

The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, was, along with Casado, the other target of all criticism. “He has to resign”, agreed with more or less harsh formulas all the people with whom this medium has spoken. Some words that supported songs like “Teodoro, Casado, you are the past”, “Egea resignation” or “Egea, al Mar Menor”.

Around 1:20 p.m., a National Police device began to clear the street to reopen it to traffic. “But has Casado already resigned?” a woman asked as she returned to the sidewalk. “We are people of order, let it be noted. This is how the right dissolves, with education”, she joked with an agent, while they continued to chant the name of the regional leader.

While he was retiring, Juan, 65, also defended Ayuso. “She and Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo are the only ones who have stood up to the left and deserve all the respect they have had and for having. Mr. ‘Cagado’ and Teodoro, as they have seen that they could lose their seats here in Genoa, want to cut off their heads, as they have done with all good people”, he denounces to enumerate a long list of names, ranging from Alejo Vidal Quadras to the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, through the former Valencian president Francisco Camps or the former mayor of Valencia, Rita Barberá.

This is the third consecutive day in which this type of mobilization against Casado takes place at the gates of the national headquarters of the PP. Almost a hundred people gathered on Génova Street on Friday to continue showing their support for Ayuso, after the internal crisis that broke out in the PP due to the possible collection of commissions in exchange for public contracts in the family environment of the president’s brother Madrid.

His followers have been showing their disappointment with Casado since Thursday by shouting “Failed married” and “Resigned married”, while praising Ayuso asking her to become president of the Government. The last time a crowd of PP voters gathered in front of He went to the party’s headquarters on Génova Street on May 4 to celebrate the victory of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the regional elections.

Not even a year has passed since that photo and hundreds of people have returned this Sunday to gather in front of number 13 to support the regional president and demand the resignation of the party leader, Pablo Casado, due to the internal war that has been heating up for months and which has definitely exploded this Thursday on account of the commissions that Ayuso’s brother charged for a hand-picked contract awarded by the Community of Madrid in the midst of a pandemic.

From the leadership of the PP, however, they close ranks with both Casado and his ‘number two’, the general secretary of the party, Teodoro García Egea, to whom many within the PP attribute the unprecedented crisis opened in the main party of the opposition. The deputy secretary of Organization, Ana Beltrán, has expressed this Sunday her “full confidence” in García Egea through a message posted on Twitter.

“Enough of continuous attacks to destabilize our party,” Beltrán tweeted, in a message that accompanies the newspaper’s information The world about that “Involved in the espionage point out that the order came from the ‘war room’ of Aegean”. The ‘number three’ of the PP and president of the party in Navarra has publicly expressed her support for García Egea at a time when more and more party officials are demanding that she leave. “Full confidence in the secretary general and in his actions,” she said.

In this context, the Casado leadership will meet this Monday in Genoa 13 in its usual weekly meeting of the Management Committee that will be marked by this internal war without precedent in the party’s history. It will be at 11:00 a.m.

The former Vice President of the Government and former leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias has spoken about this Sunday’s demonstration. “If the uncommunicated demonstration in front of the PP headquarters on Génova street, were left-wing people against corruption, the riot police would neither charge nor identify anyone. It would be like now. And whoever says otherwise hates the police and it’s a shitty red”, he settled on Twitter.