Monday, August 15

Thousands of Salvadorans demonstrate against Bukele

Mexico City



“I exchange your bitcoin for my missing daughter” or “#Noaladictadura” are just some of the proclamations that invade the road to Plaza Morazán, located in the historic center of San Salvador, Where are the thousands of protesters against the Government of Here’s to watching. The activists disapprove of the high concentration of power, with autocratic overtones, that the president has originated since he came to power on June 1, 2019. He is currently full of power due to the last legislative elections in which he swept, agglutinating his Government 64 of the 84 deputies that make up the Assembly.

The wick of the revolution lights just this September 15, the day of the celebration of the bicentennial of the independence of the Central American country from the Spanish Intendency. The Salvadoran people have taken to the streets against the latest measures taken by Bukele after six months of heart attack that have led to profound changes.

He lit the wick the removal of five judges of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, which included the head of the State Attorney General’s Office, taking advantage of the formal ceremony of the beginning of the mandate. The UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Diego Garcia-Sayán, already manifested the drift of the country at the beginning of May: “The democratic institutions, the separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary are being attacked.”

In addition, two weeks ago, for the first time, judges from the Central American country approved the presidency for ten consecutive years, in a dangerous concatenation of power due to a possible renewal of the position. Until now, something expressly prohibited by the Salvadoran Constitutionto. El Salvador’s greatest political figure had to wait at least two terms to run again.

Implementation of bitcoin

However, the last straw in the patience of the population has been the introduction of bitcoin as the legal tender in El Salvador. At the beginning of last week opposition politicians already took to the streets in protest against the new law that gives the economic – and media – prominence to the cryptocurrency whose intention was to eradicate the commissions imposed on remittances from USA. The setbacks to which citizens have been faced, in the second country with the least internet connectivity in Latin America and the CaribbeanThey have not been few: collapsed servers or the failure of the electronic wallet necessary to have electronic currency. To this must be added the enormous volatility of bitcoin. The new economic measure, rthrown out by more than 77.5% of citizens according to the Francisco Gavidia University, seems to have exceeded the glass.

The different ailments have caused members of civil society, war veterans, student organizations, feminist groups, judges and members of indigenous communities to face different blockades by the authorities from the first hour of the peaceful march, as reported by the newspaper ‘El Salvador’. A group that has refused to identify itself has infiltrated the claim hooded, carrying baseball bats and has set a motorcycle on fire. The medium ‘La Prensa Gráfica’ has highlighted that it is a shock group that has already announced its attendance to try to dissuade the protest process.

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