Wednesday, October 27

Thousands of young people attend a macro-bottle on the campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Thousands of young people gathered last night and early in the morning on the campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in a macro-bottle. The figure would reach 8,000 congregants, according to the rector of the institution, although the Mossos d’Esquadra reduce it “significantly”. The origin of the party was a call through social networks in the Faculty of Engineering that turned out to be false, according to Rac1 has advanced. Many people answered that call and traveled by car and train to campus, where they found that the event with music and DJ did not exist.

However, the crowd of people decided to hold an impromptu party with music and alcohol that lasted until dawn. The Mossos controlled access to the area, but could not access the site as it was a “private space”.

Complaints about the macro-meeting on the UAB campus were evident above all in the last two trains of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya between Barcelona-Plaza Cataluña and Sabadell (S2), with the wagons overflowing with young people to go to campus from the UAB. “Friday night. People crushed in the BCN-Sabadell train of FGC and many young people who can no longer get on and who are left lying on the platforms. The next and last in 45 minutes. Public service?”, Denounced a user on Twitter .

In some images released by journalist Carla Turró, from the SER chain, the crowded FGC wagons can also be seen.

There were also problems in the center of Bellaterra with many cars parked outside the UAB campus, disturbing the calm at night of the neighbors.

The rector of the UAB, Javier Lafuente, numbered 8,000 attendees at the macro-bottle. “There has been no major damage, but there have been minor ones. For example, a fence has been torn off,” said Lafuente the microphones of ‘Via Lliure’ by Rac1. “Until Monday we will not know the costs of damage and global effects,” said the rector of the UAB, who has ensured that he will study what actions they can take to avoid future macro-bottles on campus. “We will do the impossible so that it does not happen again. We are concerned because we have an open campus with many spaces and it is very difficult to control,” acknowledged Lafuente.

“Yesterday afternoon we learned that they wanted to organize this party and we undertook the actions we could. We tried to close car parks, we notified the Mossos and organized the security systems that we have at the university,” said the rector of the UAB. “We do not have anyone identified, but we notify the Mossos to control access,” added Lafuente. “Since six in the morning there are cleaning teams in the area, and they still have hours left,” stressed the rector of the UAB.

In parallel, the director of the Mossos, Pere Ferrer, described the macro-bottle at the UAB as “collective shame” after a year and a half of pandemic. “The shame that we should all feel that thousands of people are summoned to a party like this, when we are still in a pandemic, is not minor,” Ferrer reflected. “The entrances were perimetrated to prevent more people from entering but, as we did not enter the campus, we have not been able to make identifications of people who have surely ended up doing some kind of damage,” explained the director of the Police. “By midmorning there were no more important groups left and it started shortly before midnight,” added Ferrer.