Wednesday, October 27

Thousands of young people celebrate a macro-bottle in Madrid: “We have to have fun”

Thousands of young people have met tonight in the Berlin Park in Madrid, where they held a macro-bottle. “We were leaving the house and we met him,” say two friends who prefer not to reveal his name and who carry a glass in his hand. They arrive at the park after 10 pm. “We will stay if there is a plan,” they admit.

While the crowd improvises a party in the park, on the other side, a Marta Sánchez concert is being held at the Merced festivities. In the different streets of the park, the music is played by the assistants, who, without masks or distances, sing, jump and dance equipped with glasses, bottles and cans.

“What I see does not seem responsible to me,” says a 16-year-old boy behind his mask. “Almost nobody wears it, but I think you have to do it.” The young man assures that he has come to the appointment, that it was not summoned, as he explains, “because of being with friends”: “I was not interested in coming to a party, just going out with them,” he says.

The party continues around him. “Where are you? Send ‘locate’ says a girl on the phone looking for her friends. He does not want to be entertained by talking to “So as not to lose them.”

“We have come to have a good time. To drink and socialize with people ”, count Alberto, Jaime and Jorge,“ between 17 and 18 years old ”. The boys admit that the environment “seems very good to them”: “If you are vaccinated, there should be no danger,” says Jaime. “It is more if there is COVID, even if you wear a mask it will not matter, you will still be infected,” adds Jorge. “We young people have to have a good time,” say the three, who will not stay beyond 03:00: “This is already dead, only the mob remains,” they say.