Monday, December 6

Three British MPs, accused of arriving drunk at an official event in Gibraltar




Scottish Nationalist Party MPs Drew Hendry and David Linden and Labor Charlotte Nichols, have been accused of arriving drunk in Gibraltar, when they were visiting British forces with a group of 15 people on Armistice Day. As reported by The Times and the BBC, it was two soldiers who were traveling with them who denounced their behavior to the Ministry of Defense, while witnesses cited by the local press assure that the three parliamentarians They were drinking alcohol at London Heathrow Airport before the plane left, and that once in the air they continued to do so, so by the time they landed they were completely drunk. Once on the ground, according to other witnesses, they would have staged a scuffle with those in charge of checking the documentation related to Covid-19 necessary for their entry, although a spokesman for the government of Gibraltar He assured the press that “there are no reports of yelling or any type of aggressive behavior” at the airport.

Scotland’s Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon called the accusations “completely false” and “unfounded”, calling them a “shameful attempt” to deflect other accusations against Conservative MPs. Linden and Hendry, for their part, considered that it was all due to a “smear campaign” by the Tories.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace, said MPs put their hosts “in a difficult position” and that their behavior “runs the risk of undermining respect for Parliament.”

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