Wednesday, September 28

Three cool and fun unisex sunglasses to wear to the beach and pool

And there is less summer left to enjoy, although let’s not fool ourselves: it lasts until the end of September. We still have time to put on shorts, some tank tops, to show off our tattoos, and a good bluetooth speaker to mark territory with the rest of the beach and pool staff.

But we are missing one last detail that I matched with our hairstyle, with an extreme shave and dyed in various colors: some good, cool and fun glasses to attract maximum attention. With the three models that we propose below, you can be neither painted nor painted handsome and pretty.

Hawkers One

An iconic lens made in Spain, unisex and with a transparent frame and a blue/purple lens with a mirror effect. And despite being cool and cheap, this lens has a very considerable quality.

The aforementioned lens incorporates a mirror effect and has been manufactured in TR18, with glare reduction and with a great balance between clarity and protection. Category 3 lens with UV400 protection. Very high resistance to solar radiation.

๐Ÿ˜Ž Buy this model on Amazon for 29.45 euros

Kithdia Polarized Unisex

These glasses have a 100 ร— 100 polarized glass, which provides absolute protection to your eyes against UV radiation. But, beyond their quality and protection, they stand out in their design for their walnut temples, authentic light wood. Also for its mirrored lens superimposed on the frame, an aesthetic setting. You can have them in different models and colors.

๐Ÿ˜Ž Buy this model on Amazon for 22.99 euros

northweek unisex

These glasses made of polycarbonate include cellulose triacetate lenses with full polarization, which gives them great protection against UV rays. They include a microfiber cover, box and set of decorative stickers.

๐Ÿ˜Ž Buy this model on Amazon for 30.00 euros

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