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Three crime novels from three breakout authors to upload (free) to your Kindle this summer

Perhaps their names do not ring a bell. You may have never heard of them or read any of their work, but not being present in most traditional media does not mean that his works are not well valued. In fact, they are and all three have a legion of fans and readers delighted with their plots of crime, mystery and murder.

Thus, we bring you Cristian Perfumo, David Monthiel, and Artur Rodríguez, three prolific authors who move like a fish in water among the most valued Amazon Kindle. In them you can discover new plots and arguments with literary universes different from the ones you are used to, and you can load them on your Kindle at no cost thanks to the Kindle Unlimited program.

Black Patagonia, by Cristian Perfumo

Cristian Perfumo is an Argentine author from Patagonia based in the province of Barcelona, ​​and from his residence among pine forests, he feeds his nostalgia for his land with juicy thrillers set in the cold and sparse Patagonian plains, while nourishing us with all the culture of that distant land at the end of the world, bordering the seas of ice.

Thanks to this peculiar setting, Cristian has gained followers both in Argentina and in Spain, becoming a finalist for the Clarín noir novel award in his homeland. On this occasion, we present a pack of three police novels that the author has previously published:

  • the arrow collectorAmazon Literary Award-winning novel.
  • gray rescuefinalist for the Clarín Novel Award.
  • The Entreventos thievesa history of robberies, in the best style The Money Heist but in Patagonia.

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Our Lady of Hope, by David Monthiel

The municipal policy of the city council of change in Cadiz is the context of the adventures of Rafael Bechiarelli. The Cadiz detective receives the thorny task of investigating, unofficially, the violent death of Gabriel Araceli, the housing councilor and leader of the Popular Power coalition, which governs the city.

Our Lady of Hope is a novel in which the Cadiz Carvalho will face political conspiracies, dirty wars, corruption, rumours, complaints and scandals in municipal plenary sessions. Bechiarelli, in trouble and without an office, will find himself face to face with the political fauna of the three thousand year old city.

With this argument, David Monthiel exposes his particular Cadiz universe, which he has already replicated in other books. With Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza, this author inseparable from his native Cádiz won the confidential L’H award for black novels.

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His soul to the devil, by Artur Rodriguez

London, 1992. M. Cacho —sixteen years old, a teenager in trouble— is sent to study in England. He barely knows English and doesn’t know anything or anyone. Luckily, he soon hits it off with Issie, Rob, Gina, and Judy. Together they become an inseparable group, ready to express the pleasures and happiness of adolescence.

Things get complicated when one of the students of the university appears dead. Then, our friends find themselves involved in an investigation that starts as fun and ends as a race to save their lives.

This is how this writer, who is also an actor and filmmaker, explains the plot of his best-valued novel to date, which is just one of a long list of titles that may interest you.

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