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Three external portable batteries to charge your mobile while you are on vacation

When we go on a trip to go hiking or sightseeing, to go to work or, basically, whenever we leave home many times, we all look at the same thing: How much battery does the phone have left?

One of the “great problems of the first world” is to run out of mobile in the middle of any situation. At present, this situation may mean that we remain incommunicado in some way or generate uncomfortable situations, especially if we are on vacation abroad.

That is why it is increasingly common to see people with portable batteries on top. These allow us to extend the time of use of our mobiles despite not being in a closed place or where we can connect our charger.

What should I consider?

Many of us tend to take the first portable battery that fits our budget, without paying too much attention to some aspects that we at ConsumptionClaro believe can help us choose better:

  • Milliamps (mAh): the gross capacity of the external battery that will allow us to charge our mobile more times. The ideal is to shoot high whenever we can.
  • Ports: some external batteries have USB, USB-C inputs… the more ports and more variety, the better.
  • Fast charging: many terminals currently have fast charging. If we want to take advantage of this type of technology, we will have to see if the external battery supports it.
  • Weight: an external battery that weighs a lot is of little use to us, since then we will not be able to always carry it with us.

Some recommendations

✌🏻Claro Consumer Favorite: Charmast Powerbak

For 37.99 euros, the Charmast external battery may be the ideal option for those looking for a really powerful equipment and, above all, with many charges. This Powerbak has more than 26,000 mAh and is surprising for its size: 14.2 millimeters thick and weighing 410 grams.

In addition, it has LED lights that indicate the remaining battery charge, three USB ports, one micro-USB and one USB-C; and one for iOS devices.

Buy this product on Amazon for 37.99 euros

✌🏻Amazon Favorite: Anker Power Core

But the most important thing about one of these devices is its portability: what good is an external battery that we can’t carry at any time. By €23.99, Anker -a classic brand when it comes to batteries- offers a 10,000 mAh powerbank with a particularly small size: 180 grams of weight and with the longest side of 9.2 centimeters. In addition to having a large capacity and a really small size, it accepts universal fast charging.

Buy this product on Amazon for 29.99 euros

Trust External Battery

Likewise, if we are looking to adjust the budget a little more, then this is the option: for 31.39 euros, the Trust powerbank is an efficient alternative that does not disappoint in any of its aspects.

It has two ports: one USB-C with 15W charging and two 12W USB, so it has fast charging. It has a 10,000 mAh battery that also has a fast charge for the battery itself. Regarding the size, the Trist battery weighs 245 grams with the longest side of 16.4 centimeters.

Buy this product on Amazon for 31.39 euros

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