Saturday, October 16

Three injured by a knife after the eviction of a bottle in Madrid

The eviction of a massive bottle during the night of Saturday in Madrid’s Parque del Oeste ended with three wounded by a knife, ten people treated for alcohol poisoning and a score of traumatic injuries, as reported by the Municipal Police, which estimated at “thousands of people “those attending the meeting. Two of the stab wounded had minor injuries and a third was admitted to the Clinical Hospital on a moderate basis, as indicated by the Samur-PC.

The eviction of the bottle in the Parque del Oeste recorded moments of tension in the surroundings of Ferraz Street, where there were launchings of bottles and other materials, which caused the breakage of vehicle windows, as reported by the Municipal Police in a statement, where It has indicated that the presence of organized gangs specialized in stealing wallets and cell phones was also detected.

The Municipal Police have highlighted that the majority of young people left the area peacefully but “the presence of organized groups, and in some cases violent, caused moments of tension in the area around Ferraz Street.”

The agents defined Friday night as “rather quiet” when they managed to prevent the bottles in the Berlin Park and in the University City, although they did register in the downtown area, the most crowded in the Plaza Dos de Mayo.

For the second day in a row, the Municipal Police operation managed to prevent large bottles in the area of ​​the Berlin Park and the University City but these were moved to the Parque del Oeste, where the agents have confirmed that “if it has been more complicated (the night) , especially in the Parque del Oeste area, with more tranquility in the downtown area than the day before. ”

“Already from the last hours of the afternoon they began to act in that area, intervening with the alcohol carried by many young people. But the presence of people increased drastically quickly and at night thousands of people gathered there, which that made the municipal agents proceed to initiate an orderly eviction “, they have detailed.

One more weekend, the Municipal Police deployed a special reinforcement to try to fight against the bottles, with about 200 more daily agents, who have joined the 400 on ordinary shift, deploying, among others, members of the Canine Section and of the Cavalry Squad Unit. The Madrid City Council has once again made an appeal for individual responsibility.

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