Sunday, December 4

Three minors arrested for assault with a knife against another minor in Madrid

Agents of the National Police have arrested three minors this morning for assaulting another young man, also a minor, in the Madrid neighborhood of Arganzuela, according to police sources. The assault is investigated as a possible incident between youth gangs.

The Provincial Police Information Brigade has taken charge of the investigation and the arrests. It is working with the possibility that the victim belonged to the Dominican Don’t Play (DDP) and the aggressors were Trinidadians. The wounded is not serious.

The events occurred mid-morning on Ramírez de Prado street, in the district of Arganzuela. At the time of the arrest, one of the detained minors was unidentified.

On other occasions in which these gangs have been involved in similar events, the Civil Guard has explained that they are groups with “high criminal intensity”, “organized and hierarchical”, as well as rigorous in “the fulfillment of their criminal missions and with a strong internal discipline”.