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Three models of boxes to improve the organization of our cables

When we settle into a house, many of us tell ourselves the same thing: “This time, I am not going to have a tangle of cables behind each device”. And although the intentions are good, the reality is that, usually, shortly after saying this, we find ourselves before a chaos of cables and power strips near our computer, television or even in the room. A good solution to avoid this clutter is cable organizer boxes.

At ConsumptionClaro, we recommend some models with great capacity that we can use both in our offices and in our living room.


A large plastic box with a size of 38.5×13.5×15 centimeters that makes it ideal for, for example, organizing computer cables. According to the manufacturer, despite being made of plastic, it is an ecological material, so it is not harmful to health.

In addition, it has several ventilation holes at the bottom to prevent the cables or power strips from heating up.

NTONPOWER Box for €31.99

2 Boxes of Nature Supplies

Two for the price of one sounds great. This pack of two boxes from Nature Supplies may be the best option for those who want to tidy up at least a couple of rooms.

Unlike the previous ones, both boxes are made of wood, so they are more aesthetic and easier to place. One of them, according to the manufacturer, is “large” – its long side is 39.9 centimeters – and another “medium” – its long side is 23.5 centimeters.

2 Boxes of Nature Supplies for €32.87

D-Line Box

A cheaper, albeit less functional, option is this cable management box from D-Line. It is a smaller model than the previous ones -32.3 centimeters on its longest side- and, in terms of design, it falls behind… however, it costs half.

It has three openings on the back to facilitate the organization of cables and is made of ABS plastic.

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