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Three models of citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away this summer

With the heat, whether we are indoors or outdoors, we tend to leave doors and windows open so that the home is ventilated. With this, especially after sunset, we allow the entrance of mosquitoes, with its consequent tribute in the form of our blood. What’s more: at night, if we leave lights on, they work like a magnet to attract them inside the houses or to the terraces, and thus be able to make up for their thirst and hunger in our calves with pecks.

An interesting remedy to keep them away, although not entirely infallible, are citronella candles, which on the other hand perfume and make beautiful. This is oil from the Lemongrass plant, although oils from various types of geranium and even lemon can also be used, since mosquitoes dislike any strong vegetable color. These oils are mixed with soy wax, a thick oil obtained from this plant that serves as fuel for the candle, while citronella oil evaporates and fills the air with its mosquito-repellent scent.

Especially if the night is warm and with little breeze or air, citronella candles will create a repellent environment for mosquitoes and we will be able to have dinner, watch television, or chat quietly on the terrace or in the dining room, with everything open, without having to worry too much. In ConsumptionClaro we bring you three models of candles that are well valued by Amazon users.


These outdoor citronella scented candles are made from 95% natural soy wax and 5% citronella oil. The wick is 100% lead-free cotton, so it won’t break when burned and doesn’t produce black smoke; ensures a cleaner and longer combustion. It comes with two candles and the manufacturer ensures up to 75 hours of combustion in ideal conditions.

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One of these citronella oil candle barrels can burn for 70 hours and a set of 2 barrels can last about 140 hours. The bottle is made of thin and light tinplate. The can, with a nice design, can then be used for other purposes.

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This pack contains six individual candles, each weighing 75 g and which can burn between 10 and 15 hours under normal conditions, according to their manufacturer. They are perfect for camping, as well as for gardens and terraces in summer, as they can be distributed and form a security perimeter.

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