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Three models of pools for dogs

Just as they withstand the cold much better than us, which does not mean that they can spend nights outdoors, dogs have more problems managing body heat. The reason is that they do not sweat and therefore have to exchange heat through their mouths, which is much less efficient than the human system of sweating.

This worse regulation of their body heat leads them to be much more delicate in the face of the current heat waves than we are, because in addition to having a bowl of fresh water always nearby to avoid dehydration, since they lose a lot of water when perspiring through the mouth, it is convenient to help them lower the temperature with a good dip, which they will always appreciate.

Although not all dogs are enthusiastic about water, much less if it is cold, almost all end up being grateful for a soak that relieves them of the summer heat, so having a dog pool on the terrace or in the garden where our furry friend can cooling off is a good idea to keep in mind. That is why we offer you three models that you can find at a good price.


Dog pools in different sizes, both for small and large. We can find them with a diameter of 80 cm, or 120 cm or finally for very large dogs of 160 cm, although we will have to take into account that it may not fit on a terrace. Its main characteristics are made with non-slip material at the base of the pool, as well as being inflatable and foldable later for storage.

In addition, it is made with non-toxic material in case dogs bite. On the other hand, it has a lateral drainage hole, which facilitates the elimination of water. It also has a folding bag to store it once used.

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This pool is designed for medium or small dogs, since its dimensions are 20 cm high and 80 cm in radius. It is a pool made of toxic-free PVC, with a side drainage valve that allows easy emptying when you have to change the water or store the pool. It also has a comfortable folding system.

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In this pool of 30 cm high and 120 in diameter, both dogs and, if desired, children and babies can be bathed, making it ideal for gardens and terraces, since its weight is limited. It has a non-slip bottom surface, so that the dog is comfortable and feels stable, as well as a side braking valve that allows emptying in a comfortable way and without too much water loss. It is also foldable and is made of a non-toxic material neither for dogs nor for children.

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