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Three models of trekking poles for hiking

After a certain age, going for a long walk or some hiking can later become an ordeal of joint painalthough the truth is that, in general, some sports such as hiking, trekking or mountaineering can affect our knees or the posture of our back, no matter how old we are.

For this reason, it is increasingly popular to see this type of athlete use hiking poles to improve your support and reduce joint impact. Although they may seem like an unnecessary accessory to most people, the reality is that batons trekking or hiking can be great allies.

These they release between 15 and 20% of the load that our legs must support, so firstly it prevents us from getting tired so easily and secondly it reduces the risk of injury. This itself makes, in short, that our knees support much less weight.

Another advantage of these canes is that we have more support points, so it will be harder for us to fall -something really useful in certain sections such as descents-. Of course, you have to be careful with its use.

In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend some canes of trekking that can help you on your outings to the countryside or to the mountains.

AUTOPkio trekking poles

These sticks of trekking They are the best sellers on Amazon and one of the most versatile models. AUTOPkio poles extend between 65 and 135 centimeters and their handle is made of EVA foam, which makes it easy to grip. It has a quick lock button to adjust the height without problem.

Each of the two canes weighs about 0.29 kilograms and can be collected for storage. In addition, it has three different tips: carbide (dirt, gravel and ice), rubber (for pavement) and basket (sand or snow).

AUTOPkio trekking poles for €28.99

Anykuu Staves

Like the previous ones, this Anykuu pack has two walking sticks trekking between 37 and 135 centimeters each. Compared to the previous model, they are -much- heavier poles with almost 0.90 kilograms, although they have four points (rubber feet, snow baskets, mud baskets and rubber tips).

Like the previous one, it has an insurance to prevent them from bending during use.

Anykuu walking sticks for €28.89

Daikoku sticks

The most complete model: walking sticks trekking of Daikoku are an ideal option for those who already have a great experience in this type of sports. These poles have no more and no less than 6 tips: rubber tips, mud tips, snow tips, cement boot, rocky terrain boot and ice tips.

This model also allows you to change the leashes (the straps that are attached to the handle) and its extension is between 65 and 135 centimeters in height. Regarding the weight: each of the poles weighs 316 grams.

Daikoku sticks for €39.99

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