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Three models of window cleaning robot to revolutionize your windows

If at first we were surprised by the floor vacuum robots, now the automatic window cleaners will not be less. actually come to be modified robot vacuum cleaners, Well, these devices manage to stay by defying gravity and sliding through the glass thanks to their powerful suction system, which keeps them glued to the glass.

On the other hand, thanks to their extensive range of sensors, they are able to determine how dirty the glass is and design a cleaning program as well as a tour to do it. They also have one or two microfiber cloths on the front that interacts with the glass surface to dry the previously moistened glass.

They work without cable, in the same way as robot vacuum cleaners, and with remote control, but as a curiosity they have a holding strap which is attached to the top of the glass thanks to a suction cup. This strap acts as a safety lanyard when the robot finishes its work and disengages from the glass. Or when it falls due to a problem in the continuity of the suction.

What should we look for before buying a window cleaning robot?

We must pay attention to the working power of the appliance, especially expressed in square meters cleaned per minute, since devices that are too little powerful can make cleaning take forever and consumption skyrocket. We must also pay attention that the software of the device can be updated from time to time, as well as that they have a good interaction with the mobile application.

Factors such as battery autonomy, if the device is wireless, or the inclusion of detergent tanks to improve cleaning, something that not all devices have. If we are in a home with a lot of windows, we should opt for models with the capacity to clean large glass surfaces; this implies a good autonomy, and a power that makes the cleaning time not seem eternal.

If, in addition, our device has detergent tanks, cleaning will be more effective. In consumptionClaro we offer you three models of window cleaning robot with which to start.


We start with the most basic model: a robot that is not wireless and can only work connected to a power source, which requires us to have a plug nearby to use it. On the other hand, it lacks containers with which to fill with water or liquid to be able to soak the glass, so we will have to do it ourselves. Especially if the glass is very dirty, we must give it a previous wash, because if not, the robot will not work well.

It compensates for its price, since this type of device usually has a high price, as well as for its sensor program, capable of determining the level of dirt on the glass and designing a route.

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Create Wipebot

We are moving on to a device with an even better value for money and greater functionalities, since in this case it is wireless and works only with batteries, both an ordinary one and a supplementary one to avoid failures in the first one, as well as with a climbing rope of security up to 6 m, to prevent falls and breakage.

This robot is also capable of cleaning 1 m² of glass in just under four minutes; It has remote control and different cleaning functions, as well as an internal browser that allows you to know which areas of the glass you have already cleaned and which ones you have left. And without a doubt its price, 100 euros cheaper than the previous one, is a huge advantage.

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And now we are going with the most complete model, something that is noticeable in its more than 150 euros price over the first model. This robot already has a square shape, which allows it to clean any corner, but it also incorporates two tanks with a detergent sprayer, which greatly improves cleaning efficiency.

Not to mention its superior battery autonomy, as well as its software, which can be updated from the mobile application. Another factor in its favour, in addition to being cordless, is that it can work on any surface, whether glass, marble, vinyl or tile, which makes it an all-terrain cloth.

It also has a sensor that detects areas with less adherence and applies a special suction there. In summary, a model already bordering on the high range of these devices, which is what is usually used in shop windows and in office building windows.

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