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Three molds to make the most fun cubes for your drinks this summer

Many of us who love vintage summer images have the scene of Dean Martin with his Martini filled with square cubes by a California pool. Well, let’s know that this is already an old image and surpassed in the 21st century by the creativity that ice cubes allow us.

Today the classic square and transparent cube has been largely surpassed by other ways and much more creative and curious experiences, which combine current forms with the introduction of elements that make the cube much more than an object to cool liquids. From skulls to roses, or large spheres filled with aromatic herbsice cubes can bring unexpected joy to your summer drinks and cocktails.

In consumptionClaro we show you, therefore, three models of original and different cubes that will work wonders in your gin and tonic and sunset cocktails, by the sea or the pool. ideal to be a Dean Martin or a Doris Day of the 21st century.


This cube is ideal for rockers, mythomaniacs of the Mexican day of the dead and lovers of death metal. These are silicone molds with a radius of 6 cm and a depth of 2 cm, perfect for making ice skulls with which to cool our whiskeys and other mixed drinks.

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It is a set of four silicone molds in the shape of a light bulb that can be unscrewed both from the upper pole and from the center, in which herbs or pieces of fruit can be added inside, and then filled from the upper pole with water or other liquids and make a cube and full of flavor. It is perfect for gin and tonics.

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On this occasion we switched to a rose-shaped silicone mold ice bucket, which allows us to give our ice cubes an elegant silhouette, perfect for cooling sangrias, rosé wines and other summer delicacies. The cube can also be filled with objects or made with some liquid that later flavors our concoctions. We can also use it to make poles.

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