Tuesday, March 28

Three new arrests bring to seven the number of people arrested for the assault on the Lorca plenary session

A total of seven people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the violent assault on the plenary session in a municipal building in Lorca (Murcia) last Monday. Six of these arrests have been made today, after surrendering at least three of the suspects to the police station.

The rancher arrested for the assault on the plenary session of Lorca is released with charges

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The news of the new arrests, advanced by El Paíscomes hours after the Councilor for Security and Urbanism, José Luis Ruiz, has detailed that the identification of six suspects has been possible thanks to the viewing of the recordings of the security cameras of the building and the videos of mobile phones captured during the assault.

In addition, the Lorca City Council has announced that it will appear in the legal case against the assailants at the municipal plenary session by filing a criminal complaint “in defense of freedom and democracy,” according to the spokeswoman for the government team, Isabel Casalduero, who has described these events as “serious”, so “they must be investigated”.

The legal services of the city council have issued a report that states that the assault on the plenary session and the previous acts of protest can constitute a crime in application of articles 505, 514, 550 and 556 of the Penal Code.

A possible crime of coercion and threats

These articles typify crimes of coercion and threats to local corporations, against the exercise of the legitimate freedom of assembly, incitement to hatred, resistance and serious disobedience to authority.

Casalduero has said that the government team not only wants to clarify “who are the material authors responsible for the events, but who were the instigators, the intellectual authors of the violent assault on a municipal seat.”

The City Council wants to know “who gave instructions, who misinformed and who encouraged the protests” in the livestock sector that triggered an episode of “totally reprehensible violence”, he added during an appearance before journalists, accompanied by the deputy mayor, Francisco Morales, and the Mayor of Security and Urban Planning, José Luis Ruiz.

As he has commented, the city council follows the evolution of the investigations into the altercations carried out in a coordinated manner by the Local and National Police, and which is directed by the latter body, which also instructs the corresponding proceedings.

In addition, it is pending “the first steps that are taken in the courts”, since “the city council will appear in the procedure as an interested party in clarifying the facts”, he added.

He has clarified that these judicial measures are not adopted against the livestock sector because “clarifying what happened will benefit the ranchers who carry out their activity with total legality and who disapprove of the exercise of violence.”

released with charges

The Councilor for Security has not been able to offer data on the investigations that the National Police Force is carrying out in the same direction, although he has confirmed that the first detainee for the events, who turned himself in to the Local Police on Tuesday afternoon, has been released with charges, accused of assaulting an officer.

Likewise, he explained that the analysis of the recordings will not only make it possible to identify the people who attacked the building, which were about 30, but also the degree of participation of each one of them in the events, since although “they broke into the a public building, not everyone did the same”, said the mayor.

Ruiz has asked for “tranquility” to let the security forces work because it is “a job that has to be done slowly”, and has been convinced that the police investigation will “reach the end”, because not only it is about identifying those who participated “but also those who instigated”.

He has reported that in the viewing of the images of the assault, it can be seen how a group of exalted people accesses from the rear of the demonstration to the double police cordon, apparently in response to an order.

“It seems that they were organized and it will be necessary to determine if they received some type of instruction that was the starting signal for them to break into the building and run over the policemen who were at the door,” he said in his appearance.

He has abounded in the fact that many of the assailants were not pig farmers, the only ones affected by the regulatory change that was going to be debated in plenary, and also that the consistory still has to verify if the demonstration prior to the assault had been authorized by the Government Delegation.

He has also put the emphasis on an assembly of the livestock sector held last Friday afternoon in a restaurant in the garden, in which, as he has said, the demonstration on Monday was agreed, and the protest was orchestrated, and which was attended by representatives of the municipal groups of the PP and Vox.