Sunday, August 14

Three of the four local police officers from Llinars del Vallès arrested for marijuana trafficking enter prison

The Granollers court, in the province of Barcelona, ​​issued this Thursday provisional detention for three of the four agents of the Llinars del Vallès Local Police detained by the Mossos d’Esquadra for alleged participation in a marijuana trafficking network, according to reported the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC). Along with the three policemen, six other people of the total of fifteen detainees have also gone to prison.

Four police officers from Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona) arrested in a device against marijuana trafficking

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As regards the other six arrested, they have been released provisionally with different precautionary measures, from the periodic appearance to the withdrawal of passport and the prohibition to leave the country. According to ‘El Periódico’, the fourth municipal police officer, who has not entered prison, is not linked to the plot but is being investigated for a robbery that the Mossos discovered while investigating the first case.

The case is open for crimes of public health, belonging to a criminal organization, administrative prevarication, robbery, money laundering, falsification of documents, bribery, torture, illegal detention and disclosure of secrets, among others.

The Mossos d’Esquadra took stock this Thursday of the operation, which has ended with the 15 detainees mentioned, 32 entries to homes and premises with their respective records, more than 100,000 euros intervened and the seizure of marijuana and various firearms. More than 400 agents participated in the performance.

The police force also indicated that one of the local police officers allegedly ran a network that provided premises and security in exchange for money. Other detainees carried out gardening and maintenance work on the premises. The investigation began in 2020.