Saturday, September 18

Three officials from the Villena prison, investigated for the brutal assault on a prisoner with mental illness: 55 blows in two minutes

The prison workers’ association ‘Your abandonment can kill me’ denounced on August 16 an alleged attack by a prisoner with mental illness, whose origin was from the Maghreb, to three officials whom he would have sent directly to the hospital. Nothing is further from reality. The images show a diametrically different authorship: there are three officials from the Villena prison who beat down the prisoner who, at no time, attacks them directly. In the video, published by the newspaper Lift-EMV, they hit up to 55 blows to the inmate in just over two minutes.

The performance, obviously excessive, begins when the prisoner goes doing a kind of harmless dance towards a cell. The officials, equipped with vests and truncheons, wait for him to come out and start the pounding. The beatings continue even when the prisoner is on the ground, completely immobilized and reduced.

The three, investigated by Penitentiary Institutions, punched and kicked the prisoner several times. Such is the level of violence that their walkie-talkies, which end up scattered on the ground. Although the prisoner seems to resist, especially at first, they manage to placate him with sticks.

At one point, one of the three assailants steps on both of the prisoner’s legs, who remains lying on the ground. 55 blows later, four other officials arrive and the beatings stop. A minute later, the prisoner, already reduced, is transferred down the corridor by the three who carry out the attack.

‘Your abandonment can kill me’, however, assured in a statement that it was the inmate who would have beaten, kicked, and punched “the officials, who had been discharged since then. The association issued a statement in which it defends the three men, “who have seen their honor discredited and who are unfairly singled out for these events.”

Assault on the assistant principal before declaring

In addition to the serious assault on a prisoner with a mental illness in a prison setting without adequate psychiatric care, the case has taken a very disturbing turn. The deputy director of prison security was attacked this Monday at the door of her home by between five and six hooded men, facts that the Civil Guard is investigating. “Tomorrow, be quiet,” they told her on the eve of her statement in the framework of the internal investigation, while three of the assailants held her from behind and another struck her twice in the face.

The official, who, far from being scared, ended up declaring the day after the attack, had already received mafia-tinged messages. He also suffered, in prison, the theft of the mobile phone on which he had received the messages.

As a result of these events, which have caused perplexity in the prison environment, the workers’ collective ‘Your abandonment can kill me’ issued a statement on behalf of a law firm in Alicante that also represents the Jupol union of the National Police, in the one that announces legal actions against the media that have reported the attack to the deputy director of security at the Villena prison.

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