Thursday, December 7

Three Pamplona Municipal Police officers injured in altercations in the San Fermín procession

At least three agents of the Municipal Police of Pamplona have been injured this Thursday while guarding the municipal corporation during the San Fermín procession in some altercations that have developed at Curia street in the capital of Navarra. One of the policemen had to be transferred by ambulance to the University Hospital of Navarra.

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As detailed by the mayor, Enrique Maya, one of the agents has been injured “with a broken nose, another with a kick to the ankle and another with a glass or bottle that hit him in the face.” In addition, he has pointed out that a mayor of NA + “has ended up on the ground and has eroded her knees”.

The event occurred during the return of the procession in which the municipal corporation accompanies the Cathedral Chapter to the Cathedral of Pamplona. As they passed through Curia street, several people shouted ‘UPN kanpora’ (‘Outside UPN’) and booed the municipal corporation as they passed through this street. In addition, they have thrown an object at the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Enrique Maya.

The mayor has described these altercations as “authentic fascism” and has considered that “today many lines have been crossed” with three Municipal Police officers injured. He has criticized that, while these incidents were taking place, EH Bildu was “distributing hugs with these people”. “It is evident who is happy with this situation,” said Maya, who has criticized that “they have been heating up the atmosphere for quite some time, putting all the pressure on us and in the end some create the atmosphere and others finish it off.”

The three opposition groups in the Consistory have rejected these attacks. EH Bildu has lamented the incidents that occurred in the procession and has remarked that “the attacks are out of place. One thing is political criticism and another is aggression that, in no way, can be justified. PSN, for its part, has condemned the attacks and has remarked that “these fascist aggressors will not be able to distort the traditions of Pamplona or impose their positions using violence”. Finally, Geroa Bai condemned the events and stressed that “all political criticism” must always be carried out “in a peaceful and respectful manner”.

The Board of Spokespersons of the Pamplona City Council had previously approved, with the votes in favor of NA+ and PSN, the vote against Geroa Bai and the silence of EH Bildu, a statement condemning these attacks on the mayor and councilors of NA+ and PSN and expressed his solidarity with the injured police officers. “An aggression of a fascist nature carried out by the nationalist left on the way up Curia Street”, highlights the text, which thanks the action of the Municipal Police that “has prevented a real lynching”.

These incidents are reminiscent of those that occurred in the procession of the last San Fermín festivities in 2019, also as it passed through Curia Street, when several people rebuked the UPN representatives in the Consistory. The Municipal Police agents had to make a cordon in some sections to separate the participants of the parade from the people who rebuked them, which caused several pushes and some moments of tension.