Saturday, May 28

Three people arrested for taking from a reception center in the Canary Islands a 9-year-old girl who arrived in a boat

The National Police reported this Tuesday that three people have been arrested in the Canary Islands for abducting a 9-year-old migrant girl to take her to Paris, claiming that one of them was her aunt and the other two her parents.

The girl arrived in the Canary Islands by boat and lived in Gran Canaria in a half-stay center with a 22-year-old woman who claimed to be her aunt.

A man and a woman, pretending to be her parents, tried to take her to Paris and took a flight to Tenerife, where they have been arrested.

The alleged aunt and the alleged parents have been arrested after Civil Guard agents learned that a minor had disappeared from a reception facility in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Those responsible for the center told police investigators that a young couple, after identifying themselves as the minor’s parents, had come to the accommodation to visit her but, hours later, they realized that the girl had not returned.

Once at the police headquarters, the detainee voluntarily acknowledged that he was not the father of the little girl, while the detained woman could not document her motherhood, so the corresponding DNA tests will be carried out in order to determine if it really is about the mother of the child.