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Three Spanish crime novels to load on your Kindle and read this August

Yes, a month as clear and bright as August can also be dark and mysterious, even refreshing, if we know how to focus it well. For example, from the pages of a black novel that takes us to other times of the year and other places, wet and cold. From them we can also entertain ourselves with exciting mysteries to solve.

To do this, and so that you can load them without problems on your Kindle, We offer you three police novels, two written by Spanish authors and one by an author, available in this format and well valued on Amazon by users.

The Black Book of Hours, Eva García Sáenz de Urturi

Vitoria, 2022. Former inspector Unai López de Ayala —alias Kraken— receives an anonymous call that will change what he thinks he knows about his family past: he has one week to find the legendary Black Book of Hours, an exclusive bibliographical jewel, if not , his mother, who has been resting in the cemetery for decades, will die.

How is this possible? A race against time between Vitoria and the Madrid of bibliophiles to trace the most important criminal profile of his life, one capable of changing the past, forever.

Number one in sales of Spanish crime novels on Amazon, this fast-paced crime thriller has received almost 7,000 opinions from readers, 83% of them placing it above four stars out of five.

👉🏼 You can load it on your Kindle for 9.49 euros.

Seven lives and a cat, by MJ Fernández

The famous inspector Salazar will face one of the most puzzling cases of his career when they find the body of an unidentified man at the foot of the Riscos de Bilibio. Was it a suicide? A homicide? Who was he and why did his life end like this? As the chief inspector and his team continue their investigations, unexpected discoveries emerge that transcend borders.

MJ Fernández is the pseudonym of Mercedes Julieta Fernández Hurtado, who practiced medicine for more than thirty years. Her health problem left her with a partial deafness, which forced her to withdraw from her profession. An avid reader since childhood, she turned writing into a therapy and discovered a second vocation, in which she lavishes herself with very good evaluations. Specifically, there are 555 opinions on this title, 84% higher than four stars.

👉🏼 You can load it on your Kindle for 0.00 euros.

The other girls (Indira Ramos 2), by Santiago Díaz

The inspector Indira Ramos hurries her last days of leave in a small municipality of Extremadura. When, after almost three years, the time comes for her to leave her retirement and return to her work in Madrid, she finds herself unable to face the sub-inspector Iván Moreno, from whom she hides a huge secret. But both will have to work hand in hand again to solve the biggest criminal puzzle in the contemporary history of Spain: the fingerprints of the man who was for many years the most wanted man in the country have appeared at a gas station.

Santiago Ramos, who has already achieved solid success with the first novel in the series by Inspector Indira Ramos, entitled the good father, returns now with what the critics judge as “an exciting novel”. Not surprisingly, of its more than 1,400 opinions from readers on Amazon, 85% exceed four stars.

👉🏼 You can load it on your Kindle for 7.59 euros.

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