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Three wireless keyboards perfect for telecommuting with the laptop

Although the comfort of laptops comes precisely from other aspects –such as weight or ease of transport–, it is true that teleworking from the summer residence can cause problems. Already in ConsumptionClaro we recommend some monitors to solve the problem of the fixed screen.

Another of the most uncomfortable aspects (when working for a long time in a row) with a laptop is that it is a computer where the screen and the keyboard are joined. This greatly limits the possibilities when creating a workspace.

For this reason, we recommend –for this type of user– accompany the laptop with a keyboard.

Keys when buying a keyboard

The offer of keyboards is enormous. This can make many of the people who are looking to buy one of these accessories not sure exactly which one to buy. Therefore, we give you some keys to keep in mind when choosing a keyboard:

  • connectivity. When considering that it will be a keyboard to use with a laptop, it is best to opt for keyboards with a wireless connection. Although wired options are cheaper, in the case of laptops they may not be the most comfortable. In general, all wireless keyboards connect via Bluetooth or radio frequency (USB), but there are some options that connect via Wi-Fi. The latter must be discarded, since it gives many problems.
  • Drums. As in any other device, more if it is wireless, you will have to look at the average battery life. Keyboards of this type usually have rechargeable batteries or long-lasting batteries, while others will even have the possibility of recharging the battery using solar panels.
  • Function. It is very important that the keyboard we choose has function keys, which will facilitate the use of commands and compatibility with different brands.
  • keyboard type. There are, in general, two types of keyboards and a mixed one: membrane and mechanical.

The main difference, without going into technical details, is that the mechanical keys work with a system of mechanical switches (forgive the redundancy) for each specific key. While the membrane keys do click on a rubber switch that is common throughout the keyboard.

Though mechanics are usually of higher quality and have more durabilityThey are noticeably more expensive. In addition to that it is an investment that not all users need and they are much noisier.

So we will try to choose a membrane keyboard.

Some of the best options to use with your laptop

1. TECKNET Mini Keyboard

The first option is one of the most versatile and best quality/price: the TECKNET Mini Keyboard. For 20 euros, we find a small, wireless keyboard that includes a function key.

The design is simple, but very comfortable as it is very versatile due to its dimensions and colour, making it very easy to fit. In addition, it does not work via Bluetooth, but via 2.4 GHz radio frequency (USB), something that –depending on taste– may be the final key to opting for it.

Buy this keyboard on Amazon from 19.99 euros

two. Logitech K400 Plus

One of the best-selling wireless keyboards: the Logitech K400 Plus. For a base price of 45 euros, although on sale it does not exceed 25, it is one of the few options that includes the touch pad built into the keyboard.

This makes it much easier to use, since with most keyboards you will need a mouse to make everyday life much more comfortable. So the touch pad avoid this problem.

Its autonomy, depending on the brand, exceeds a year of use and connects via radio frequency (USB) or Bluetooth. In this way, it is a perfect keyboard for those looking for a reliable device with a mouse included.

Buy this keyboard on Amazon from 21.99 euros

3. satechi

But what if you are an Apple user? The apple ones are keyboards that replace the Windows or function key with a Command (cmd) key, which can cause incompatibilities with some devices.

The Satechi keyboard, without being perfect, is a more than good option for these users. For 80 euros, it offers a white keyboard – closer to the Apple design – and the company’s Command key.

Its main attraction is the price, far from the 110 euros of the Logitech Mx Keys or the 150 of the Apple Magic. In addition, it has 80 days of battery use and an aluminum finish that imitates the official ones.

Buy this keyboard on Amazon from 79.99 euros

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