Friday, September 22

Tianjin: the Chinese solar car that does not need to be plugged in | Digital Trends Spanish

A growing trend in the automotive market is the appearance of electric vehicles replacing conventional cars. But one of the great novelties that has been presented in the last few hours is a Chinese solar car that does not need to be plugged in to work and is called Tianjin.

Without any artificial input of energy, it only needs your photovoltaic solar panels to work.

A total of 42 different specializations jointly participated in the project, from various fields such as high-efficiency solar energy conversion, high-density energy storage, and lightweight materials, integrating 47 advanced technologies such as magnesium alloys, perovskite solar cells, carbon , highly flame-retardant and noise-reducing fibers and materials.

Its autonomy is 50 kilometers per hour transporting up to 3 people, and can reach a maximum of 70 kilometers per hour with one person on board.

While the car is running, it only feeds on the roof panels, but when parked, those same panels rise and move to the sides, leaving similar ones that were below, in a position to receive sunlight and double the absorption capacity. .

The dimensions of the car are 4.08 meters long, 1.77 meters wide and 1.81 meters high. It has 2.85 meters between axles, and most importantly, it has a solar module area of ​​8.1 square meters, which is much larger than that of the Lightyear 0.

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