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Tier Free Streaming: ViX vs. PlutoTV | Digital Trends Spanish

Free video streaming is also taking a step up, so much so that it’s not hard to run a ViX vs. pluto tv. From their interface to their operation, both present a similar experience for people. But what about its content?

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Quick start

Once the applications are running on the cell phone, content begins to unfold, be it a movie in the case of Pluto TV or a news program when talking about ViX.

In other words, there is no need to register with the services with the intention of seeing their catalog of productions, which are not few, as we will discover later.

ViX defines itself as a streaming platform that offers the best content in Spanish, plus it’s free. “Enjoy more than 100 television channels, thousands of your favorite movies, series and soap operas, live soccer from the best European and Latin American leagues, and news 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The paid version of the updated TelevisaUnivisión video streaming will be launched until the second half of 2022, without a specific date yet.

Regarding Pluto TV, its short definition is free television on all your favorite devices. “You have a wide variety of programs, series and movies streaming completely free of charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a linear and on-demand television experience. All of its content has commercial breaks.”

When asked if the Pluto TV channels are the same ones that conventional television has, the service answers that they are not: “They are channels curated and designed specifically for the Pluto TV platform.”


Likewise, the platforms present a similar interface, in which content categories, productions on demand and programs with active transmission predominate.

pluto tv

The Paramount Global property puts its highlights first, primarily tapes and serials of all kinds that are airing right now. This is followed by sections such as Pluto TV (television guide), Movies, Paramount+ presents, Entertainment, News, Trivia, Research, Sports, Comedy, Lifestyle, Kids and Music.

At the bottom are the sections for Live TV, On Demand (material on demand, to watch at any time) and Search.

So, depending on what you want to see, the mobile app makes it possible to go to its different segments in an easy and intuitive way.


TelevisaUnivisión’s proposal also emphasizes its highlights, to later give rise to sections such as Cinema, News, Series, Novelas, Deportes, Variety and Kids. All of these with an active transmission at the moment.

At the bottom of the interface are Channels, On Demand, Sports, and News items.

It is also a fact that this free streaming option lets you easily go to the different sections to, precisely, find something to watch on a certain occasion.


In addition to on-demand content, which can be viewed at any time, both ViX and Pluto TV provide an experience similar to broadcast television.


Telephone is displaying the main interface of ViX, TelevisaUnivision's streaming service.

It does fulfill its promise of having more than 100 channels, where the news and sports programs of TelevisaUnivisión stand out; then come the productions that were originally made for open television (especially for the Mexican public), such as the rose of guadeloupe, The P. Luche family, Neighbours, Teresa, Sortilege, Maria mercedes, Three times Anne Y Bonds of love.

As for content on demand, all dubbed into Spanish when appropriate, films such as Danger on the mountain, Get the Gringo, the express of fear, looking for revenge, Demon Hunter, scoop Y Madame Bovary; while in Series they can be played Made in Cartagena, the panther, the bronx, emeralds, crossbones Y The Miracle.

Without considering the sports and news properties, which is no small effort, the ViX catalog cannot be said to stand out for its “freshness”, to put it in some way. In any case, this tells us that TelevisaUnivisión’s big bet will be ViX+, the paid version of its streaming and that it will have an average of one original per week.

pluto tv

Its live channel offering is a bit broader – around 130 – giving you the flexibility to have more categories, from anime to lifestyle.

Regarding content on demand, there is indeed an interesting variety of series and movies, with titles such as Miss Gunpowder, the giver of memories, Piranha, Fever Saturday night, Jackass 3, Taboo, South Park, Would give, Inuyasha, Luther, Camelot, blue jasmine, The darkest night, love and lyrics, goodbyes Y mad about madonna.

Phone is displaying the main interface of Pluto TV, video streaming service.

Although most of the content is dubbed into Spanish, there are some in English that do contain subtitles, which more than one person may like.

In general, the Pluto TV catalog looks complete and current, both for the broadcasts in real time and for all the content that can be seen at the best time for each person.

VPN usage

We did this face to face from Mexico, so it is interesting to use a VPN to see how much the content changes when the execution of each of the apps is indicated as if we were in the United States.

It can be said that the Pluto TV app is another one when it is “run from the United States”. It is even more complete than the version intended for the Mexican public, for example. As you can guess, most of the programs —live and on demand— are in English; the few that don’t, when it comes to a proposal in Spanish, to say the least, have subtitles in the language of Shakespeare.

It is noteworthy that the news is also nourished here, with properties from CBS, CNN, NBC, Sky, Yahoo! and Bloomberg.

Is it an alternative for Spanish speakers in the United States? Yes it is if they understand English.

Regarding ViX, instead of Televisa’s productions having more weight in news, Univision’s appear completely, both live broadcasts and analysis programs that can be seen at any time.

Likewise, in the On Demand section there is a list in which it is possible to access programs by country, such as Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

In summary, there are differences due to the fact that Vix is ​​run from the United States, but what is not lost is that all the content is in Spanish, the philosophy with which the TelevisaUnivision proposal broke.


A first conclusion is that Pluto TV has a more extensive proposal in each of its sections, in addition to the fact that its catalog looks more current. If played from Mexico, the content is dubbed into Spanish, while its US version does not consider Spanish-speakers; all its weight is in those who dominate the language and lifestyle of the nation of stars and stripes.

ViX is made for Spanish speakers, regardless of whether they are in Latin America or the United States. Its effort to put up a current sports and news bar stands out, despite the fact that the rest of its content may feel somewhat outdated.

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