Wednesday, February 21

Tier1 and UNIKA collaborate to improve documentation and safety in the food sector

UNIKA Brand Management, company highly specialized in the maintenance and quality control of products and in food safety, has signed a collaboration agreement with Tier1 Technology, a business group with more than 25 years of experience in the ICT sector, providing innovative solutions in electronic commerce , and very especially for the RETAIL sector.

Based on this collaboration, Tier1 will integrate the UnikaData® mandatory consumer information management platform with its renowned comerzzia® omnichannel solution; offering customers in the food sector a complete and integrated service. According Cristobal Lepe, Executive Director of Unika: “This service allows the uploading and maintenance of all the mandatory information of the products offered on the online sales websites.”

The differential value of this service lies in the automation of processes for uploading information, agility in updates, optimized images, and the enhancement of SEO, using search engine category classifications. “With this, an online grocery store can be launched from scratch, quickly and efficiently, with all products preloaded,” according to Leandro Gayango, CEO of Tier1.

Especially important will be the enrichment of data through the coordination of local suppliers, which allows a complete solution to be provided, automatically keeping online, updated and validated for legal compliance, the offer of specialized or proximity products managed by physical stores.

All of this will be possible thanks to the experience and resources of both collaborating companies, which have achieved the integration of comerzzia with a powerful database of complete and up-to-date information on products, and which will allow the delivery of all the information on the assortment published in the “e-commerce” of the client, the daily management of these, and the normalization of descriptions and categorizations of the articles, which will improve the sales process.

With the common objective of both companies, to guarantee the success of their clients, this alliance seeks to develop a project that will be in continuous evolution and with specialized professional teams, which offers comprehensive solutions to improve and optimize sales processes in electronic commerce.