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Tiger King is sued by one of its protagonists | Digital Trends Spanish

Tiger king It has been one of the most successful series in the documentary genre in recent years. The Netflix production follows the story of Joe Exotic, a former owner of an animal shelter in the United States.

A few months ago, the streaming had announced the second season of the series, however, one of its protagonists wants to prevent the new chapters from being released.

Carole Baskin, whom Exotic allegedly tried to assassinate through a hitman, filed a lawsuit against Netflix and the production company Royal Goode Productions.

Baskin, owner of an animal sanctuary, assures that the company violates the contract that both parties had signed and that it contemplated its appearance only in the first season of the documentary series.

Carole Baskin and Howard Baskin.

“The appearance authorization granted to Royal Goode Productions by the Baskins refers to ‘a documentary film.’ Through the authorization of appearances there are only references to ‘the movie’, “says the lawsuit where the husband of the affected, Howard Baskin, also participates.

“There is no mention of granting Royal Goode Productions rights to a sequel, derivative works from ‘the movie,’ additional seasons or episodes,” it adds.

In the lawsuit, the couple asks Netflix and the production company to completely remove their appearances in Tiger king 2 and they also demand that this case be brought before a jury.

“By using footage from the Baskins and Big Cat Rescue insured by Royal Goode Productions in ‘sizzle reels’ and promotional trailers for the sequel called Tiger king 2, the defendants violate the terms of the apparition authorizations ”.

Thus, this legal mess could delay the premiere of the second season of Tiger King, which is scheduled for November 17th.

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