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TikTok accounts in the US that teach you to do everything | Digital Trends Spanish

Photography, interior design, beatboxing… Creativity overflows in one of the most popular social networks of the moment. This is demonstrated by the TikTok accounts in the United States that teach you to do everything.

This is a preliminary list, as it will be constantly updated in order to cover the largest number of creatives and to inspire people in one way or another.

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The Most Creative TikTok Accounts in America

@ alex.stemp (urban photography)

@ alex.stemp

Link is in my bio for the results! Stranger: @Daniela Rivero Giral @crimshawofficial #viral #photoshoot

♬ Levitating (feat. DaBaby) – Dua Lipa

Do you want to know the power of a portrait? This photographer uses people he meets in his path and who seem interesting to him to take a picture of them. After he shows them his work, they agree to do it; they have no regrets when they see the resulting image. Alex Stemplewski has campaigned for brands like Adobe, Samsung, Disney, and Epic Games.

@zachking (optical illusions)


We built a really big #gingerbreadhouse to pull this #trick off.

♬ original sound – Zach King

King is already a veteran of social networks, but the great ingenuity he demonstrates with his optical illusions, which deceive even the most scrutinizing eyes, never ceases to amaze. His TikTok profile accumulates, at the moment, 6.6 million followers, while he only follows 47 users. It is still a mandatory stop (full of creativity) in the digital world.

@spencerx (beatboxing)


#ad If you’ve got a JBL, you already know 🔊 lets see what you can duet w / me #JBLPartyBox @JBLAudio

♬ original sound – Spencer X

This young beatboxer —People who can produce musical rhythms and sounds with their speech apparatus — can claim to have worked with Alicia Keys, Russ, Marshmello and Sean Kingston. On TikTok, its popularity is surprising, since it has more than 55 million followers.

@the_avantgarden (interior design)


#hometips #homedecor #decortips #interiordecorating

♬ Roxanne – Instrumental – Blue Califa

Julie Sousa, in addition to having her own interior design firm, takes the time to offer all kinds of advice in order to have more balanced spaces, from the kitchen to the television room. You will not see your decoration the same again once you watch their videos on TikTok

@netflix (entertainment)



♬ original sound – Netflix

Yes, Netflix also has its TikTok account, and takes advantage of it to give context to certain situations – such as Christmas Eve or deeply loving plants – through clips from their original productions. So the platform is also entertainment in small doses.

@ thor.aya (deep questions)

@ thor.aya

Strangers share their secret .. #bekind #spreadlove #foryou

♬ Night Trouble – Petit Biscuit

Young Thoraya Maronesy’s intention is to create interactive projects with strangers, which means that people can go from “leaving” a secret for someone else to read to sharing the story behind their tattoos. On his channel Youtube You can see the results of his ideas, while his TikTok profile contains snippets full of depth.

@devonrodriguezart (portrait)


5 more dayssss, who’s excited? 🎄🎅🏼🎁🥰

♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé

At this point, who doesn’t want a portrait of Rodriguez? The artist from the Bronx gained fame on TikTok for his work, especially for the portraits he took of passengers on the New York subway in 2019. His account on the popular social network has more than 21 million followers and accumulates almost 253 million likes .

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