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TikTok: alert about a viral to “cure sunstroke” | Digital Trends Spanish

The videos that are shared on social networks are not always the most prudent or responsible.

TikTok, for example, is full of viral challenges that invite you to take reckless actions without thinking about the consequences.

Now, a group of medical experts has warned about a series of videos that have become popular on this same platform and that would deliver a prescription on how to cure sunstroke.

One of the most famous already has more than 500,000 reproductions and shows how to put a plate of water on top of the person who has suffered from sunstroke.


we start the year #heatstroke but my brothers #healers they cured my #insolation Has it ever happened to you?

♬ original sound – mansaidea

The home method also consists of putting a cotton ball soaked in alcohol in a dry glass and lighting it before turning it on the plate.

Of course, there is no scientific basis behind this challenge, which could lead to various risky situations.

In fact, in some recordings it is observed how the content of the plate spills or the glass breaks.

However, experts warn that this is nothing compared to the more dangerous situations that could occur, such as the glass bursting or the use of alcohol causing the fire to get out of control.

In the worst case, the person could be left with cuts and burns.

“This home remedy is not very relevant in terms of improvement since the cold it could produce at the level of the head does not last long enough,” says Ignacio de la Torre, president of the Valparaíso Regional Medical College.

“Quite the contrary, the use of alcohol and lighting it could cause an accident and burns with tragic consequences,” he adds.

In medicine, sunstroke is known as solar stroke and occurs as a result of excess heat in the body, produced by prolonged exposure to the sun and high temperatures.

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