Wednesday, May 25

TikTok Announces Big Change in Length of Its Videos | Digital Trends Spanish

TikTok doesn’t want to just stick with the short videos that its users usually make. So in the short term you will add the option to create videos of up to three minutes.

Currently, TikTok videos have a maximum of one minute, but the social network wants to “enrich the way stories are told,” according to the publication. on his official blog. Thus, longer clips will be “one more tool that people can use to captivate others and express themselves creatively.”

The new option is still in the testing phase, but some users have been making longer videos for a long time. The platform ensures that in the coming weeks this function will expand to more people until anyone can create works with a maximum of 180 seconds without having to divide them into fragments.

This movement by TikTok is not strange, since social networks usually make adjustments or introduce new features according to the behavior of users or their competition. Without going any further, Instagram Reels are a response to the explosive popularity of TikTok.

Now, it does not seem that with these longer videos or with the integration of external links TikTok replicates what other platforms have already done; The basis of TikTok are short videos and even three minutes long they will remain within that category. It would be different if they wanted to add audio rooms, a move that Instagram and Facebook did in response to the existence of the Clubhouse.

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