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TikTok bans hate speech against the LGBTQI+ community | Digital Trends Spanish

TikTok announced a series of measures to strengthen security on its platform and prevent inappropriate content from reaching underage users. The prohibition of pejorative terms against the LGBTQI+ community is also included.

The measures are a response to questions from legislators in the United States, who have scrutinized the main social network apps for their potential risks to children and adolescents.

In a post on its official blog, TikTok said it will implement a content rating system based on the methodology used to warn about the subject matter included in a movie or video game.

The ranking system is not yet available on the social network, as it is “in the innovation phase”, according to Cormac Keenan, director of Trust and Security at TikTok.

One of the priorities of the platform is to eliminate content that promotes eating disorders. “The goal is to recognize practices like over-exercising or early fasting, which often go unrecognized as a potential problem,” the TikTok post notes.

The review of security measures also includes the prohibition of practices such as “deadnaming”, which refers to calling a transgender person with a name other than their gender identity. Another of the practices that will be prohibited on the platform will be “misgendering”, which is when a person refers to another with a gender identity with which they do not identify.

Watch out for online challenges

The image shows the icon of the TikTok social network.

Another of TikTok’s priorities is to prevent minors participate in online challenges that could be risky for their physical integrity. In this sense, it issued a series of recommendations based on considering four points when looking at one of these challenges.

The campaign asks users, when viewing a challenge online, to think about the following steps: stop and consider what the challenge is about, think about whether it is safe or risky, decide whether to do it based on the risk, and act to report it. to the platform about the possible dangers involved.

Keenan said it will be starting next week when TikTok will launch a video series inviting users to follow the four safety guidelines from the Discover page. Videos will include the hashtag #SafeTogether.

Reinforcements to online monitoring

In addition to security measures, Keenan mentioned that this year it will open monitoring centers with “state-of-the-art” technology in Washington DC, Dublin and Singapore.

The executive added that, during the third quarter of 2021, TikTok removed more than 91 million videos that violated the social network’s rules.

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