Thursday, September 16

TikTok Warns Your Searches About Distressing Content | Digital Trends Spanish

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks that exist and an important part of its users are young people and adolescents.

For this reason, since now, the application has begun to incorporate new warnings when search results may include content that generates anguish.

While the company has already displayed sensitive content warnings, it now adds these alerts to people’s search results.

In an article published on its blog, TikTok uses “scary makeup” as an example, as an expression that could provoke this type of warning.

The company also explains that users will still be able to click through this alert to access the results that are offered.

It has also indicated that individual videos deemed graphic or distressing would not be eligible for the app’s recommendations.

Lastly, the platform is changing search results to offer more resources as a way to prevent suicide and self-harm.

It will also provide links to directly access specialized help centers in this area, such as Crisis Text Line, where the application will direct users to “content from our creators in which they share their personal experiences with mental well-being, information on where to seek support and advice on how to talk to loved ones about these issues ”.

In this way, the platform wants to help reduce the levels of anguish, so typical of the massive use of social networks, especially in the younger audience.

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