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TikTok will have a ‘Dislike’ button for comments | Digital Trends Spanish

TikTok is testing a new feature to, in its own words, “encourage kindness and safety.”

The company explains in a recent blog post which has included the ‘I don’t like’ button with which it will allow users to mark comments they consider “irrelevant or inappropriate”. The feature was designed to help members of the social network stay in control of their interactions, according to the company.

Tiktok dislike comment button just make it looks messy I think pic.twitter.com/bBNEk6QsXY

— yazz🌵 (@iniyaspip) March 14, 2022

Dislikes will be hidden

The button will be a private function, meaning that it will only be seen by the person who disliked the comment in question. Once done, the comment will be marked with a thumbs down icon (👎). It seems that there will be no indicator to know how many times a particular comment has been marked as negative.

TikTok says it will keep ‘dislikes’ hidden from the creator of the post and other users to avoid bad feelings between creators and their viewers. The platform has not indicated whether it will take action against a comment that has received a lot of downvotes.

The feature is currently in a testing phase and will only be rolled out once the company receives feedback from the community. TikTok said to TechCrunch that the button is being tested in some regions outside the US, but has not yet specified which ones.

Before TikTok, other social networks such as Reddit or Twitter have implemented this type of interaction for users also anonymously.

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