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Tiktoker insults Mexicans for eating nopales | Digital Trends Spanish

Many times, social networks are transformed into channels that serve to transmit hateful messages and with a low tolerance quota. The most serious thing is when these comments insult the customs and traditions of a particular territory.

Recently, a TikTok user earned the rejection of Mexican users after he insulted the inhabitants of this country for the simple fact of eating nopales, a cactus that is used to prepare salads and as a side in certain dishes, mainly.

The tiktoker, a Guatemalan user identified as Mi Chuey Aquino, posted a video on the platform where this plant appears; in the recording you can hear how he criticizes those who consume it.

My Chuey Aquino compared Mexicans with animals for consuming nopal. “These Mexicans… what they eat, the nopales with the thorns. They look like horses, cows, hogs, pigs ”, says the young man, who also accompanied the record with various insults towards the inhabitants of the North American nation.

This post generated a wave of criticism and negative comments on TikTok. At first, Mi Chuey Aquino responded sarcastically to each of the opinions, however, later he made the determination to delete the publication.

Despite the above, the post He was rescued on other social networks such as Twitter, where the video has also generated criticism from those who have felt affected.

Guatemalan TikToker mocks Mexicans for eating nopales:

«These Mexicans … what they eat, the nopales with the thorns. They look like horses, cows, pigs, pigs, ”says the man. pic.twitter.com/WJ6IHqs28f

& mdash; Oaxaca Digital (@Oaxaca_Digital) October 13, 2021

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