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Tim Cook and Android sideloading: it’s like a car without a belt | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most attractive features for Android users is the ability to install applications that are not found in the official Google store.

This is done through the so-called APKs, the packages that come with the application ready to be installed, which is also known as sideloading, something that cannot be done on iOS.

In fact, the CEO of the apple company has made a harsh criticism of this system by emphasizing the security risk it entails.

For Cook, the sideloading Android “is like a car manufacturer told a customer not to put airbags and seat belts in the car.”

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The CEO’s remarks were made at the DealBook event hosted by The New York Times. During the day, Tim Cook was asked about the possibility of installing applications in this way on Apple devices.

This was the CEO’s response:

“I think people have that option nowadays, and if you want to do sideload, you can buy an Android phone. That option exists when you go to the operator’s store. If that’s important to you, then you should buy an Android phone, ”Cook said.

“It is too risky to do it. And so it wouldn’t be an iPhone if it didn’t maximize security and privacy. “

His statements are in addition to what was expressed a few weeks ago by another Apple executive, Craig Federighi, who pointed out that the sideloading it is “the best friend of the criminal”, and that would serve to allow the entry of malware to the operating system.

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