Tuesday, October 4

Tim Cook on Steve Jobs: “I think about him a lot, I miss him” | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cookhad an extensive talk with the people of Popular Mechanicswhere he spoke about how he sees the direction of the company, but had special words to remind Steve Jobs.

“I think a lot about him. I miss him a lot. He always stopped by my office on the way out. And there has never been a replacement for that. We exchanged little things in the day and talked about the future. And we try to carry out the mission that he established, to build the world’s best products that enrich people’s lives. And that has not changed. Many things change over time. But the reason for our being is the same.

“I think he would find things that he loved and things that he would say, ‘We can do better at that.’ I think she would do both. Like we all do. We are never really satisfied. We are always working on tomorrow,” Cook said.

Cook further describes in the interview Apple’s philosophy of creating innovative new products and how Apple has fostered an environment of innovation.

“They don’t take any singular route, they can come from all over the company. We believe in bringing together groups of people focused on solving a problem for a user. You choose diverse teams that look at the problem through different lenses. We discuss the things we do and don’t do, because we know that we can only do a few things well. You have to debate and say no to a lot of great ideas so you can spend your time on the really amazing ones.”

Also, Tim Cook referred to the apple self-repair programavailable for iPhone, Macs and Airpods.

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