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Tim Cook Worries People Are Using Too Much Technology | Digital Trends Spanish

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said in an interview that he is concerned about the behavior of people on social networks, especially the “endless and meaningless scrolling” of users across platforms.

The executive was also concerned that, according to him, people are “using too much technology.”

“We want people to do things with their devices, like the photo exhibition that we both enjoy, or connect with family and friends with FaceTime. Not the infinite and meaningless scroll, “he explained in the interview with Bustle.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. Getty Images.

Cook also noted Apple’s support for Shine, an award-winning app that encourages meditation as a way to improve people’s mental health.

“I think mental health is in crisis. And it’s one that has been stigmatized so much. It was for so long that people suffered in silence and isolation. Shine has done this incredible job, bringing the community together and putting together a number of different things that will make the change systemic in nature rather than a slogan, “added the executive.

Currently, the Shine application (also available on Android) has more than 4 million users worldwide.

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