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Time adds ethereum to its balance sheet and signs sponsorship with Galaxy Digital

The US publication Time has announced that it will keep ethereum for the first time on its balance sheet and that it has partnered with Galaxy digital, as the main sponsor of content linked to the metaverse. The magazine notes that the integration of ethers underscores their strong commitment and conviction to cryptocurrency and Web3 innovation. Time reported that the partnership with digital asset firm Galaxy Digital was made using ethers.

Time, ethereum y Galaxy digital

The magazine recalls in its statement that it began accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for digital subscriptions in April of this year. Time It has also kept the bitcoins it receives as payment for subscriptions on its balance since April.

Time magazine will accept bitcoin payments and keep them on its balance sheet

One of the products that you will develop under the sponsorship of Galaxy Digital is a weekly newsletter. It’s called “Into the Metaverse” and it’s written by editor Andrew Chow. The newsletter will explore the ways in which our physical and digital selves are becoming increasingly blurred, highlight the communities that are emerging in new digital environments, and speak to the business, innovation and culture leaders involved in metaverses.

TIME launches collection of kittens in NFT with Cool Cats with the help of memes

Galaxy Digital will also sponsor “TIME 100: Metaverse”, a project to gather to the businesses, companies, entrepreneurs and other participants and enthusiasts who are helping to build the next immersive digital frontier of the Metaverse. Those interested in being part of this classification have until December 31 to register and participate. The category TIME 100: Metaverse it will be published next year.

Under the sponsorship of Galaxy Digital, Time will also create «Time for Learning». The page, which will be available from December, will feature additional educational resources on the Metaverse, which will complement the weekly newsletter.

TIME Magazine’s NFT Cool Cats Celebrate $ 1 Million Sales

Time’s alliance with the company that Mike Novogratz runs will also help the magazine develop new products. On the collaboration with Time, Sam Englebardt, general partner of Galaxy Interactive, indicated that the magazine will help create a shared lexicon and understanding of the idea and emerging opportunities en the Metaverse “.

TIME auctions 3 NFTs and seeks finance chief who knows bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

NFT covers

The publication has also been experimenting with NFTs for some time. As this newspaper reported, Time auctioned 3 of its most representative covers as non-fungible tokens in SuperRare. In August, the magazine launched a limited-edition collection of digital kittens alongside Cool Cats, which appreciated more than 1,000% in just over a month, surpassing a value of $ 1 million in October. TIME also offers its subscriptions online as NFTs.

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