Friday, January 28

Times Square New Year’s Eve in New York will also take place in the metaverse | Bitcoin Portal

New York’s New Year’s Eve is one of the most famous in the world: the One Times Square ball drop marks the beginning of the year with thousands of people watching in person in Manhattan and millions on television. So why not double the party?

The company Jamestown, the real estate conglomerate that owns the building, will take advantage of the engagement it has in real life and will hold a big event in the metaverse to celebrate the turn of the year, as shown in a report on the portal Coindesk.

The party will be at Decentraland. It is a 3D world built on blockchain and governed by an autonomous decentralized organization (DAO). The game allows for exploration and development, just like in Minecraft, and socialization, like in Second Life.

Jamestown did not reveal how much it will spend to recreate the building within the world of Decentraland, but the company told the US portal that the party is part of its “broader digital strategy”.

But to give you an idea: at the end of November the, a publicly traded company focused on NFT investments, listed on Canadian and German stock exchanges, announced the purchase of 116 lots of virtual land in Decentraland’s metaverse at the cost of 618,000 MANAs, which at that time brought in about US$ 3.2 million in the quotation of the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

In addition to the ball drop, the party will feature an NFT display, music performances and VIP areas on the terrace. One Times Square of the metaverse will occupy 170 parcels owned by Decentraland.

The real world party this year will be a little different: it will have 15,000 people instead of 58,000 as usual, and everyone present will have to present proof of vaccination.