Wednesday, October 20

Tinder and Lyft team up to take your match wherever you are | Digital Trends Spanish

There is nothing more of the old normal than Tinder dating. For this reason, the well-known dating application has partnered with the ridesharing company Lyft to offer a new and curious function that will make it easier for users who have made contact. match on the platform.

The new feature, which was introduced in March, is now available in the United States and according to both companies it is a way to “reconnect IRL (in real life)”. With it, Tinder users can buy a Lyft ride for a person they have connected with in the app. The person who buys the credit will not receive any information about the recipient’s address, but he will be able to establish the location, time and cost of the trip he wants to buy. The recipient receives a link to redeem the trip via a phone number or an email address.

In order for the function to be used, which is integrated into the app menu, both sender and receiver must have active accounts with Lyft. In the event that the recipient does not use the trip, the issuer will obtain a refund of the amount.

Tinder says this new feature promotes personal safety for those who are prepared to go out again after so many months of confinement, yet like everything else in the dating world on-line, It is not exempt from misuse, such as one user cheating another to get a free taxi ride.

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