Thursday, January 27

Tinder Announces Metaverse With Virtual Currency for Dating

Physical dating platform Tinder announced its entry into the metaverse, promising to create a virtual currency for its digital platform. This new solution created by the company comes at a time when a lot is said about the subject of digital solutions and platforms, after Facebook’s announcement changed its name to Meta.

Thus, many companies are looking to create innovations in the sector, which should see the arrival of many options for its users in the coming years. The metaverse environment allows the experimentation of digital resources that are impossible in physical environments, expanding the capabilities of social interactions.

With the metaverse, many companies are already looking to digitize their products and put them on sale in digital format.

Tinder announces its metaverse, which will give virtual currency to users who behave themselves

Gradually, the world understands the potential of the metaverse applications and the paradigm shift that these solutions must bring in the coming years.

With a digital world on the rise, the metaverse intends to bypass physical restrictions for exchanging experiences. With that in mind, in a recent interview with Reuters, the CEO of Tinder, Renate Nyborg announced that his company is also eyeing the potential of this sector.

The solution called TinderVerso so it is already in production and should allow virtual meetings between users of its platform soon. Furthermore, upon entering Tinder’s digital environment and behaving, users will receive Tinder Coins, a company’s virtual currency, of which there is still not much detail about how it will work.

“Welcome to Tinderverse! I loved talking to Arlyn Gajilan on Reuters about Tinder’s mission to keep the magic of human connection alive, train members on dating behavior with Tinder Coins, and tips for finding your perfect match.”

The TinderVerso solution still doesn’t have a date to arrive, but it shows that large social networks are increasingly targeting this sector, seeking to implement the social interactions of their users, in different ways.

Will “Tinder Coins” be a cryptocurrency? It’s not clear yet

It is worth remembering that Tinder has registered billions in revenues in recent years, but has never commented on its intentions to use blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies in its ecosystem.

Thus, it is not yet clear whether Tinder Coins will be a metaverse currency with bridges to the physical world, or whether it will only be used in the company’s digital environment. The CEO just stated that this will be given to users for good behavior, who will be able to pay for premium services in that currency.

Anyway, it is important for users of the cryptocurrency market to be aware of the emergence of coins with company names, which can be false and cause huge losses in the market.