Tuesday, August 9

Tinder Launches Official Identity Verification Program | Digital Trends Spanish

Tinder is carrying out some changes to its application, in pursuit of greater user security: in the short term, they will carry out an identity verification through official documents from each country where Tinder is present.

The platform wants the day to come when all users have been verified. And for this, they are working with some experts to determine what are the steps to follow, especially in what has to do with the most appropriate documents to carry out the checkup.

For now, the verifications will be completely voluntary “except when they are required by law,” says Tinder on its official site. But in the future this could change, depending on how the verification process progresses.

Currently, there is a market for testing this user verification system, which has existed in Japan since 2019. But transferring that program to the rest of the world is a very complex process, because the company ensures that there are marginalized communities that have “Important reasons why they do not want or cannot share their identity with an internet platform.”

Identity verification is one of the many measures that Tinder has taken in recent times in pursuit of the safety of its users. In addition, during the first months of the pandemic, they opened some of their payment features to all users and then added a panic button in case a date went wrong.

For now, it is not known if identity verification will become mandatory in the future, but any action that serves to improve the user experience when using platforms and social networks is always welcome.

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