Wednesday, January 19

Tinder will help you meet people according to their tastes on Spotify | Digital Trends Spanish

Tinder has just introduced the new Music Mode that allows the user to listen to the song that a person has set as their hymn before accepting or rejecting it as a possible date.

This new tool will integrate with Spotify, just like Tinder’s other music features. With this, it will be easier to judge or evaluate a person according to their musical tastes.

How does it work?

Music Mode is found in the explore tab of the Tinder app, therefore it can be ignored if someone is not interested in learning about someone else’s music preferences.


Kyle Miller, Tinder’s vice president of product, compared the new feature to “that feeling when you’re at a party and you find that someone likes the same songs as you.”

It should be remembered that the integration between Tinder and Spotify dates back to 2016. From that moment, the dating platform allows showing the favorite songs on the user’s profile.

According to the platform, 40 percent of those who are part of Generation Z have already added an anthem to their profile, with which their matches increased by 10 percent.

“The Musical Mode builds on the natural ties between music and human connection, allowing members to meet others through their love for their favorite singer,” Tinder said in a statement.

In the last year, the popularity of this app has risen in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, a significant number of people have used these resources to meet people and thus avoid health restrictions.

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