Saturday, October 23

Tinder will incorporate virtual currencies in its application | Digital Trends Spanish

According to a report by Bloomberg, Tinder will incorporate a virtual currency in its application that could encourage users to spend more time on this social network and make payments in real money.

According to the article, these coins will be a way that Tinder uses to monetize non-subscribers and thus allow them to make specific purchases on the platform.

This virtual currency will arrive first in Australia and then it will be launched in other countries. It will not work as a cryptocurrency to use, but it will be a currency that will accumulate in the account and can be exchanged for Boost, which allows the person to be one of the top profiles in their area for 30 minutes, and for Super Likes.

What the company is looking for is that people see the advantages of a paid account and end up subscribing to the premium version of the application.

“These coins will play an important role as the Tinder experience evolves and becomes more immersive,” explains Gary Swidler, CFO of Tinder.

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