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Tips and Tricks for the Apple Watch | Digital Trends Spanish

Your Apple Watch is an eye-catching device that attracts everyone’s eye… but you didn’t buy it just for that, did you? If you have released yours, the most appropriate size and with the most attractive strap, it is time you learned how to use it well, but seriously: read on and learn the best tricks for the Apple Watch.

The tips that we show you below apply to the following models:

And in general, to any variant that the operating system runs Watch OS.

The Apple Watch app

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Although the Apple Watch can work alone, and even make calls with the 4G LTE model, the Apple Watch application is essential to configure, use and personalize your Apple Watch. It comes pre-installed on all new iPhones, and you’ll use it to sync your Apple Watch first.

We will refer to it throughout this guide. We also recommend that you make sure that your Apple Watch is running the latest version of the software, which is currently Watch OS 7. Not all features are available on all devices.

Follow your steps and close the rings

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Your Apple Watch is a complete fitness tracker. We recommend setting up Apple Health on your iPhone to take full advantage of your Apple Watch’s tracking features. Once you’ve done it, press Digital crown and then find and tap on the icon that looks like three rings (blue, green, and red).

The three rings represent your daily activity goals: movement (red for calorie count), exercise (green for movement), and position (blue, with a goal standing once an hour).

Scroll down the screen to see your step count, distance traveled, and number of stairs climbed. The challenge is to “close the rings” by completing each different activity daily. Check Apple Health on your iPhone for more information, or go to the Apple Watch app and select Activity to see more.

If you are really committed to using Apple Watch as a fitness tracker, select a Watch face What Activity Digital or Activity Analogueun to see your progress on the screen all the time.

If you use the Siri watch face, then the activity is displayed permanently, or on faces like Infograph, the activity can be shown as a complication.

How to evaluate your training

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Did you work out at the gym, run, or cycle to work? To check how active your day was, Apple Watch can track your workout. Press the digital crown and look for the green icon with the image of a person running on it.

Tap it and scroll through the list to find the workout that suits your activity. You can find everything from yoga to high intensity interval training. Touch the three dots to open individual tracking settings, for example your time goal and your calorie count.

Touch the card itself to start tracking. Swipe right to see controls like stop and start, or left to control music playback.

Alternatively, the Apple Watch Series 4 has automatic training recognition. If the watch detects that you are running or doing any type of exercise, it will alert you and suggest that you switch to an exercise tracking program.

Change watch face

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You can change the watch face on the Apple Watch itself, or through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. To do this on the watch, use the pressure-sensitive 3D touch function, where the screen responds in a different way when you press harder on it.

On the main time screen, press down with more pressure than normal and hold for one second. You will feel a vibration effect and the watch face selection screen will appear. Scroll left and right to see alternatives.

To change specific elements of a face, look for the button Personalize When you change the faces of the clocks To change complications, colors, or visuals, use the digital crown on the side of the watch.

Rotate it to see the different options available on the customization screens, then swipe to change other items. When you’re satisfied, just tap the center of the screen to select the new face.

In the app Apple watch on your iPhone, all watch faces are displayed at the top of the main screen. You can tap on any of those shown to adjust all the different options and complications, then scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Set up as the current watch face to automatically display it on your Watch.

Add and listen to music

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When you are connected to your phone, or if it is the 4G LTE version, the Apple Watch will show notifications of messages, emails and applications. To see them you simply have to slide down the screen.

Notifications appear in a scrolling list, and one tap will display all available interactions. You can reply to messages using quick replies, like tweets, and use your voice instead of writing an email, for example.

To ensure that notifications remain useful, you have to delete a long list of them. Erase them individually with a swipe to the left or press and hold the screen to see the option Erase everything.

Read and delete notifications

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When you are connected to your phone, or if you have the 4G LTE version, the Apple Watch will show you notifications of messages, emails and other applications. To see them, swipe down on the screen.

Notifications appear in a scrolling list and with one tap all available interactions will be displayed. You can reply to messages using quick replies – like tweets – and use your voice instead of writing an email, for example.

To ensure that the notifications remain useful, it is a good idea to remove those long lists from them, once you are already aware of the notification. Delete them individually by sliding your finger to the left, or press and hold the screen to see the option Erase everything.

Look at your apps and install new ones

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Press the digital crown to see a helicopter view of all the apps installed on your Apple Watch. These icons will consist of pre-installed Apple apps and any apps you have on your iPhone that are also compatible with the Apple Watch.

This is an option when you first set up your Watch, but if you’re looking for an app and can’t find it, or if you want to remove them, head over to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and scroll down to the Installed menu. On the Apple Watch list. Touch each option to see the controls for removing or installing the application on your Watch.

To find new apps for your watch, open the Apple Watch app and select the App Store from the list of options at the bottom of the screen. This takes you to a version of the App Store with all the apps available for your watch, taking the guesswork out of using the main App Store app to find them.

The apps you install will require the same app to be installed on your iPhone as well. We have a list of the best Apple Watch apps available here.

Collect the frequency of your heart

This is easy. Press the digital crown to display the app screen and look for the heart icon. Tap, and the watch immediately starts taking your heart rate. A graph at the top of the screen shows your heart rate history. Rotate the digital crown to display other screens, breaking down your heart rate data into rest and walk segments.

One thing to remember is to make sure the Apple Watch is secure on your wrist. If it is loose, the measurement may not be accurate.

How to use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch

To use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, it must also be set up on your iPhone. It is worth mentioning that when you set up your Apple Watch for the first time, you will be prompted to copy the information.

You can make sure the Watch is using the same information from Apple Pay by going to the app Apple watch and looking for the option Wallet and Pay. Touch it and make sure the option Mirror my iPhone is checked.

At a store, activate Apple Pay on your watch by pressing the button under the digital crown twice. Your preferred payment method is automatically activated and a representation of the card appears on the screen. Hold your watch near the payment reader in the store to pay with your watch.

How to use Siri

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You can activate Siri either by pressing the Digital Crown, or if your Watch has WatchOS 5 installed, it is compatible with Raise to Talk, which means that you simply have to raise your wrist to wake up Siri. Just remember to say the magic phrase (Hey Siri, or similar) for Siri to hear.

There are several settings that must be active for Siri to work on your watch. For example, you must have a connection, either from your phone or a 4G LTE connection. In addition, the function Raise to speak must be activated in the Siri option and Look for in the Apple Watch app, and the Watch cannot be in Airplane mode. If you use Siri a lot or want to take better advantage of Siri shortcuts, select Siri Watch Face to make using the voice assistant even faster.

How to use the ECG function on your Apple Watch Series 4 or newer

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This only applies to Apple Watch Series 4 onwards, as previous versions do not have the ECG function, and are currently only available in the US. Open the app Apple watch on your iPhone and scroll down to the option Heart on the main screen.

Here, find and tap the option Set up the health ECG app. Read the information, add your date of birth and look for the directions and press Continue.

Finally, after several warnings about what the ECG cannot do, you are ready to move on. The Apple Watch must be snug on your wrist, as it must to effectively take your heart rate.

Open the app screen by pressing the crown, then find and tap the heart-shaped icon. Sit on a table, rest the arm of your Watch on it and press your index finger against the crown of the Watch.

This starts the ECG function, and the results will appear after about 30 seconds. The data is stored within the Apple Health app on your phone, along with your other health and fitness information.

Apple Watch can do a lot more, but these are the main functions that you will use most often and they are essential to make use of this great Apple product every day.

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